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"The books put you right on top because they're so professionally done. Your picture is on the cover. All the ideas inside are very appealing to sellers or buyers."

Catalina Schraeder

Catalina Schraeder
Vista Florida Realty

"Three Books Land Mark $2 Million In Listings"

Based in Utah, Mark Jensen immediately saw success with his seller book. Landing deals with each of the first three books he gave out, Mark secured nearly $2 Million Dollars in listings. Not only are sellers impressed, but buyers and even his past clients are also lining up for copies of his book.

- Mark Jensen, St. George, UT

“I Give All Credit To The Book”

After never receiving a million dollar listing, Jarnell landed a huge client due to his book. Shortly after giving his book to a local city council member, he soon found himself handling all of the municipality’s real estate needs.

- Jarnell Carter, St. Louis, MO

"Sell Your Home For More Money"

Kyle Whissel in San Diego, CA thrives on having a special sales tool that helps his prospects and clients remember him. He loves having a book with his own branding, and often uses it at listing presentations to offer something a little more impressive than the usual.

- Kyle Whissel, San Diego, CA

"How I Sell Homes Others Failed To Sell"

Meet Catalina Schreader from Melbourne, FL, who diligently checked her local expireds market listings constantly but couldn’t quite find that edge that she needed – that is, until she got her books. With the help of her book, Catalina earned a listing for more than $750K.

- Catalina Schreader, Melbourne, FL

"Secrets Every Home Seller Needs To Know"

When Yasha decided to go after a $600k listing, she knew she’d be up against some of the area’s best agents. But with the help of her secret weapon – a customized book from Authorify – she blew the competition away and earned the respect of these high-dollar clients.

- Yasha Albright, Jacksonville, FL

"Everything You Need To Know To Sell Your Home"

April Hunter works in the Atlanta, GA, metro among stiff competition, but fortunately, she figured out early in her career how to stand out from other agents. Her approach to using her books is personable and gets clients engaged in conversation with her.

- April Hunter, Atlanta, GA

"The Ultimate For Sale By Owner Guide"

Some agents feel intimidated when they learn the sellers are considering other agents, but not Tom. He simply gave the sellers his customized book from Authorify. Tom earned the listing that day and he sold the home for $300K in just two weeks.

- Tom Rineberg, St. Johns, FL

"He Was Really Impressed"

By providing a copy of his digital book, Michael was able to sign a listing agreement with a seller who had been in contact with other agents. The seller was blown away by Michael’s book and insisted he take the listing.

- Michael Council, San Jose, CA

"That Was One Single Book"

When Weyland presented his book to an expired listing in Colorado Springs, he never imagined what it would turn into. Not only did he sell the original listing, but he also sold a second property for the client. In total, he landed $1.4 million in listings from the single book.

- Weyland Betha, Colorado Springs, CA

"Authorify Has Been Very, Very Active For Me"

Located in Eastern Pennsylvania, Bob is achieving fantastic results with buyers. In the short time he has been a member, four of Bob’s buyers have used the materials in his books during their home-buying journeys.

- Bob Firth, Eastern, PA

"I Recommend It To Anyone"

Looking for new sources to fill her pipeline, Mary used her FSBO book to break into the niche. "It created a step-by-step guide on how I could get into using For Sale By Owner as one of my niche areas for selling properties."

- Mary Aker, Winchendon, MA

"9 Times Out Of 10"

As an agent in South Carolina, Sharon goes into every listing appointment knowing she has a leg up on the competition. She says having a book positions her as an authority, and that is what sellers are looking for.

- Sharon Cornelius, Columbia, SC

"You’re My Guy"

Based in Nevada, Michael beat out two other agents for what would turn into a massive haul. His book lends the type of credibility sellers can’t overlook. From this one book, Michael landed six listings!

- Micahel Colucci, Pahrump, NV

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