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Your Very Own

Printed Book!

Your book instantly transforms you into a trusted authority so you can easily convert prospects into clients.

"The books put you right on top because they're so professionally done. Your picture is on the cover. All the ideas inside are very appealing to sellers or buyers."


Catalina Schraeder

Vista Florida Realty

printed books

Why Have Your Own Book

Your Book Instantly Transforms You Into A Trusted Authority.

Publishing a book is a powerful way to stand out from your competition. This enables you to win more business without having to resort to pushy sales tactics and other underhanded sales strategies.

Prospective clients will be impressed by the professional design, helpful content, and the fact that you’re a published author. Give your book to buyers and sellers, and they’ll realize you’re a genuine real estate expert.

Rather than being “just another” real estate agent, you’ll join the ranks of Gary Keller, Ryan Serhant, Josh Altman, and other top agents who used a book to become a trusted authority. 

Use Your Book To Generate Leads.

You can use your book as “bait” to attract people who are thinking of buying or selling a home.

Instead of offering the same thing as every other agent, you can offer something that makes you stand out.

People love these books because they’re full of helpful information, and they’ll enter their information to receive a copy.

Digital Book To Generate Leads

Your Book Instantly Transforms You Into A Trusted Authority.

Rather than being just another “pushy” agent desperate for business, you’re actually providing something that will help home sellers.

And by doing this, you’re providing helpful information that demonstrates your expertise before they’ve ever hired you.

Show People You Can Help Them By Actually Helping Them.

Real estate is complicated, and everyone knows it. There are countless pitfalls clients need to avoid.

When you give prospective clients a book, you’re educating them on how everything works.

This creates goodwill and subtly demonstrates your expertise. The readers will want to reciprocate by hiring you to help them sell or buy a home.


You Close More Appointments When You Have A Book.

Imagine being able to walk into every appointment and “wow” the person right off the bat.

That’s what happens when you give away your book at the beginning of a listing presentation. Sellers will be impressed, and every presentation will start off on the right foot.

As a result, you’ll win more listings and grow your business.

Agents Everywhere Are Using Books To

Transform Themselves And Their Businesses

Agents Everywhere Are Using Books To Transform Themselves And Their Businesses

How It Works


Step 1

Choose Your Book

Choose Your Book From Our Library of Over 20 Niche Templates

We have over 20 unique books for you to choose from. From books on Expired Listings to For Sale By Owners, our library has the perfect book for your needs.

Choose the book that best represents your business, prove you understand your clients’ unique needs, and turn those niches into riches.

Step 2

Customize Your Book

Select a Book Cover Template & Customize Your Book's Look and Feel

After you choose your book, you can customize it and make it uniquely yours. Select the book cover you prefer and add your own photo with the click of a button.

Next, you can customize the content of the book as much or as little as you’d like.

  • Modify any of the chapters and content to ensure you are comfortable with what is said in your book.
  • Add a personalized introduction.
  • Add a biography that builds trust with people before they even meet you.

Step 3

Publish Your Book

Once You're Satisfied With The Edits To Your Book, You're Ready To Publish

Now your book is customized and ready for publication! In just a few clicks, you can send your book off for print. You’ll also want to check your email for your shareable digital book link.

Your Digital Book is more relevant than ever and can be sent to anyone via text or email.

Your Digital Book is more relevant than ever. Email or text your clients a link to your Digital Book so they can read it any time, anywhere. You can even add a link to your Digital Book in your email signature. There’s no limit to how many times you can share it.

Hard copies of books never go out of style. People love having an actual physical book they can hold and feel.

Your book will be kept on a coffee table or bookshelf, not thrown in the trash like a flyer or business card. A book is a high-value item that is kept around and can generate new leads for you long after you’ve left a listing appointment.

A hard copy of your book is a physical reminder of your expertise and lends weight to your position as an authority and guide. Your book is educational and informative, not ‘salesy’ like other marketing material.

Step 4

Use Your Book

Use Your Book As the Ultimate Lead Generation & Sales Closing Tool

4.1 In Person

  • Modify any of the chapters and content to ensure you are comfortable with what is said in your book.
  • Add a personalized introduction.
  • Add a biography that builds trust with people before they even meet you.
Use Your Book
Digital Marketing

4.2 Digital Marketing

  • Use ad platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram to drive traffic to your Authority Website and Digital Flip Book.
  • Use retargeting to direct hyper specific ads to prospects who have visited your Authority Website or are interested in buying or selling their home.
  • Use social media to share your book and position yourself as a subject matter expert.

4.3 Offline Advertising

  • Place ads in local real estate magazines and newspapers like Homes and Land Magazine.
  • Mail a postcard promoting your book. Better yet, send your leads the book itself. Unlike other printed marketing material, your book will end up on the coffee table instead of in the trash.
  • Drop off copies of your book at locations relevant to your target market. Targeting divorced home sellers? Leave a copy of your book at your local divorce attorney's office and watch the leads roll in.
Offline Advertising

Introducing The

Authorify Digital Bundle

Digital Book + Success Training + Lead Capture Site

A complete marketing system that allows you to capture leads and convert them into clients with your own personally branded book.

Give your clients something unique that answers their most pressing questions about buying and selling.