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Turn Clicks Into Clients

Easily generate leads with your Book Lead Capture site. Mobile optimized and designed by our top Marketing Brass, this site is an effective tool for converting cold traffic into warm leads.

"I run Facebook Ads to get seller leads. I found that I get more leads when I offer my book - which lead to listings. Sellers love my book and I get better results when I bring my book to listing presentations. They love the 80/20 story inside the book. The books helped me close 12 transactions over the last 12 months."


Cathy in Michigan

Lead Capture Site

Your Book Lead Capture Site Is The Best Way

To Get Online And Grow Your Business

Your Book Lead Capture Site Is The Best Way To Get Online And Grow Your Business


Your Book Instantly Transforms You Into A Trusted Authority.

Our lead capture websites are optimized to look great on all devices, whether mobile, tablet, or a computer. The responsive design will automatically adjust to fit the user’s device.

Use It To Generate Leads From Your Facebook Page

Promote your book on your Facebook Page to generate leads. In addition, this will ensure that your Past Clients and Sphere don’t forget about you. As a result, you’ll get more repeat business and referrals from them.


Use It In Print Media

Promote your book in local print publications to generate leads. One member promoted his book in a local publication and got 6 sales as a result.

Here are some of the different places you can promote your book:

  • Local legal or business newspapers.
  • Community specific newspapers.
  • Small town newspapers.
  • List Element

You Receive An Email Instantly When You Get A New Lead

Get notified instantly whenever you receive a new lead. This will enable you to follow up quickly and win the business.

You have the option of receiving email and/or text notifications for new leads.

You Close More Appointments

Follow Up For The Appointment

We provide you with follow-up scripts, letters, emails, and other templates. This ensures you’ll always know exactly what to say to follow up and win the business.

Introducing The

Authorify Digital Bundle

Digital Book + Success Training + Lead Capture Site

A complete marketing system that allows you to capture leads and convert them into clients with your own personally branded book.

Give your clients something unique that answers their most pressing questions about buying and selling.