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Here’s A Recap Of What You Invested In, What’s Included, And What To Do Next To Generate Sales With Your Books!

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"The books put you right on top because they're so professionally done. Your picture is on the cover. All the ideas inside are very appealing to sellers or buyers."

Catalina Schraeder

Vista Florida Realty

Here’s A Recap Of What You Signed Up For

10 Free Books

You’ll get 10 Free Customized Books to test out in your market. Give them to qualified leads to convert them into listings. These books have the power to transform your business — just like they have for thousands of other agents.

Authorify Digital Membership Trial


With your Digital Membership, you gain access to all the tools you need to position yourself digitally as a trusted real estate expert and make more sales. People are spending more time online than ever — why not reach them where they are?

Here’s What’s Included With

Your Authorify Digital Membership

Book Builder App

Our Book Builder App allows you to easily customize your book. Add your photo, bio, intro, and testimonials to your book to make it your own.


Authority Website

Your own piece of digital real estate. A personalized, ready-made website. Use it as a digital business card and to rank for search engines in your market.

Book Launch Kit

Social shares, business card templates, banner ads, and much more. A bundle of marketing templates and resources for promoting your new book.

Success Training


A library of guides, courses, and other resources. Over 20 hours of content to help you grow your business. An online academy for Realtors.


Digital Flip Book

A digital copy of your book hosted on your authority website. Your flip book is easily shared via e-mail or text for anyone with web access to read.


Marketing Success Coach

Hands-on guidance from an Authorify expert. Whether it's helping you edit your bio, or showing you how to generate leads, your coach has your back.

Here’s What To Do Next To

Turn Your Books Into Listings

1. Create Your Book

If you haven't already, please create your book.

2. Use Your Book

Select and implement 1-3 of the book sales strategies.

3. Share Your Results

Share your results once you have used your book.