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Get 500 Customized Book Promotion Cards For Just $97 $48

Leverage the power of your books 50X with these premium book business cards. Just hand them to anyone you meet, so they can go to your website to read a digital copy of your book.
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We found that when Realtors start out with just 10 books, they tend to hoard them. So we had an idea. What if an agent could give everyone they met a business card to promote their digital book? They’d be able to impress the heck out of that person and grow their business. 

So the book promotion card was born. And now I want to give you 500 of them so you can give your book away to 50 times as many people. Give your card to people you meet, and they can go to your Authority website to read your book online.

Change the game whenever you meet someone new. Rather than selling yourself as just another ordinary agent, you now position yourself as a trusted authority. 

Bottom line: Let the cards do the selling for you.

Imagine the next time you meet a home seller and instead of giving them a standard business card, you give them your book promotion card. They’ll be impressed, keep the card, and check out your digital book.

Think of all the people you meet every day:

  • People at the grocery store.
  • Visitors at Open Houses.
  • Friends.
  • Family.
  • Past Clients.
  • Coffee Shop goers.
  • The cashier at the restaurant you visited for lunch.
  • Waiters and Waitresses at restaurants. (Leave your card with a generous tip.)
  • The neighbors of homes you list and sell.
  • Your neighbors.
  • The home inspector.
  • The mortgage rep.
  • Title company reps.
  • Parents you meet when you take your kids to the park.
  • People you see at the gym.
  • Professionals at networking events.
  • The list goes on and on.

Give your card to 3-5 people a day so you can cement your status as a trusted authority in your market. Want to get 50 times the exposure on your books? Then click the big red button below to take advantage of this special one-time offer.

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