Add-On Services

As an Authorify member, you gain exclusive access to additional materials and services to supplement your Authorify membership.

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Business Cards

Your customized business cards contain all of the elements of a traditional business card — with the added bonus of promoting your book on the back. Your business card designs will be congruent with all of the other marketing materials created as part of your membership, so you can build a consistent brand image to promote your book.

Your business cards are available in the following quantities:

  • 100 cards - $29
  • 250 cards - $39
  • 500 cards - $59
  • 1,000 cards - $89
  • 5,000 cards - $139
Book Manuscript Edits

Your books are completely customizable through the Book Builder App. But if you’d like our team to help you make specific edits to your book manuscript or customize them for your specific market, we can help you do that.

  • Book Manuscript Edits - $99 Up to 20 Edits, $15 Per Edit Thereafter 
  • Repeat Revisions - $39 per additional round of edits on your book
Lead Page Edits

Included with every membership is a custom Lead Page built by our team. But if you want to make the page more your own, you can request custom edits or a completely customized lead page.

  • Custom Lead Page Edits - $199 Change out images or customize the colors of your custom lead pages.
  • Lead Page Revisions - $50 each Edit text or make other simple fixes to your custom lead pages.
Additional Team Member Account

Are you part of a real estate team? Add additional members to your account so they can experience all of the benefits of your Authorify membership. Create a team book, and give everyone on your team access to our top notch training and marketing tools.

  • $49 per month for additional team member

As part of your membership, our team creates custom Marketing Materials you can use to promote your books. This includes social media posts and cover photos, as well as animated banner ads to direct people to read your book, plus redirect ads to bring them back after they’ve left your page. Our team can create custom marketing materials in place of or in addition to the sets automatically generated as part of your membership.

  • Custom/additional marketing material set - $129 per set
Exclusive Bio

A strong bio is essential to promoting your real estate business and can also help you uplevel your book. Not sure where to start? Let one of our writers craft a custom bio for you. We’ll put you in touch with a writer who will ask you all of the important questions and write a bio to promote your strengths and achievements. You’ll be able to review what was written and make any edits before adding your bio to your book. You can also use it across multiple platforms, including your social media and real estate profiles and on your brokerage website. 

Bios are available in the following lengths:

  • 500 words - $500 

This bio is the perfect length to fit in your book and convey all of the value you bring to the table. Let potential clients get to know you as a person and understand your real estate approach.

  • 300 words - $300

This bio can also be a great addition to your book and is the perfect length to quickly demonstrate your value on social media profiles and real estate websites.

Custom Cover

Looking for more cover options than what’s available in the Book Builder App? Whether you just want to tweak an existing cover or want to start completely from scratch, our team can customize a cover for your unique style and brand. One of our designers will work with you to create the perfect custom cover or make edits to one of the covers already in the app.

  • Custom Design - $199
  • Cover Revisions - $39 per edit
Lead Capture Page

Included with every membership is a custom Lead Page, where potential clients can request a copy of your book and read your digital book flipper. If you have more than one book, you can request additional lead pages for each book.

  • $99 per page
Print Ads

Some of our most successful members have run Print Ads for their books in local newspapers, magazines and other publications. Our team can build you custom Print Ads in a variety of sizes to promote your book.

  • Buyer Print Ad Designs - $149
  • Seller Print Ad Designs - $149
  • Buyer/Seller Bundle - $197
Video Ad Clips

Stand out on social media with custom video ads promoting your books. According to Hubspot statistics, there are 8 billion daily video views on Facebook. Our team will create high quality video ads that align with your custom marketing materials.

  • $197
Photo Editing

Not thrilled with your current headshot? Let our team enhance your image. We’ll remove flaws, brighten up dark images and enhance your image before it’s added to your book cover.

  • $19 per image
Google Business Listing Setup

We’ll help you set up a Google My Business account. When people search your name, information about your real estate business and your books will appear in the featured box beside the main search results. Find out more about everything we’ll set up for you on this training course.

  • $99