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Tim Lands A $950,000 Listing With His Book!

Using the digital version of his personally branded book, Tim was able to secure a $950,000 expired listing! Beating out four other agents, Tim says the book sealed the deal.

Christine Scores A $1.79 Million Dollar Listing!

How about this for an Authorify review? After handing out her books at a selling seminar, Christine landed a $1.79 Million Dollar Listing!

3 Books Land Mark $1.8 Million In Listings!

Brand new Authorify member Mark scored big with his personally branded book. Check out his Authorify review to see how he secured $1.8 Million dollars in listings from just three copies!

Jarnell Lands Career Changing Deal!

With one book, Authorify member Jarnell completely changed the trajectory of his real estate career. "Now I am working with a municipality and everything is over a million bucks!"

Ryan Turns 1 Book Into 3 Listings!

Shortly after receiving his first shipment of books, Authorify member Ryan took one to an appointment and immediately landed the listing. The home sellers then gave the book to neighbors, giving Ryan two more listings from that one book!

Lynne Separates Herself From The Competition!

Longtime Authorify member Lynne shares the success she is having with her personally branded real estate book. She says, “Everyone I give these out to are genuinely impressed!”

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