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Introducing The

Authorify Digital Bundle

Digital Book + Success Training + Lead Capture Site

A complete marketing system that allows you to capture leads and convert them into clients with your own personally branded book.

Give your clients something unique that answers their most pressing questions about buying and selling.

What's Included In Your Authorify Digital Bundle

Have Your Own Book

Digital Book

Your digital book is the easiest way to do a presentation with an out-of-town client. You can quickly and easily share your book with anyone in the world. Just send them a link to your book, and they can start reading it in just a few seconds.

Many agents like to use it for listing presentations to out-of-town sellers. They just send them a link to their book and then go through it with the seller over the phone.

Other agents like to send their buyer book to out-of-town buyer clients. Buyers appreciate the helpful information, and it automatically builds a bond with you as their agent.

Success Training

We’ve got an extensive library of our best training on how to get listings and buyers. We’ve developed lots of cutting-edge listing strategies that you can use to get more listings.

In addition, we have interviews with other successful agents, where they explain what’s working for them to get listings.

And finally, we have 20 “Quick Win” Strategies that you can use to get new clients quickly and easily.

Lead Capture Site

Get more leads with our tested and proven lead capture sites. The site enables you to generate seller and buyer leads and grow your business.

These sites enable you to offer your book out to anyone who is looking to buy or sell and collect their information. Then, you can add them to your email drip campaign and follow up to win the business.

You can use it to generate leads, convert more appointments, and get more clients with less work.

"I used my books to win 10 divorce listings. In addition, I sold many of the divorcing spouses their next home - which resulted in about 10 buyer sales. The books opened the door and made it easy to win the listings."

Ed in Florida