Increase Your Sales With Authorify

Create, Publish, & Use Your Books To Generate More Sales In Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Create Your Book

Choose Your Book From Our Library of Over Twenty Niche Templates

Expired Listings

  • Endless Leads
  • Motivated Sellers
  • Quick Closings

For Sale By Owner

  • Top Commission
  • Easily Converts
  • Build Referrals

Select a book cover template & customize your book's look and feel. 

Once you’ve chosen your book you’re ready to customize its cover. Select the book cover you prefer and add your own photo with the click of a few buttons.

Use the Book Builder App to further personalize your book.

The Book Builder App makes it easy to edit your book’s content. Use it to control how your book looks while we take care of the heavy lifting between the covers.

With the Book Builder App you can add your own:

  • Introduction
  • Biography
  • Call to Action Page
  • Testimonials
Book Cover

Our pre-flight checklist ensures you hit all the important details so your readers know exactly who you are and how to contact you.

Step 2: Publish Your Book

Once You're Satisfied With The Edits To Your Book, You're Ready To Publish

Hard copies of books never go out of style. People love having an actual physical book they can hold and feel.

Your book will be kept on a coffee table or bookshelf, not thrown in the trash like a flyer or business card. A book is a high value item that is kept around and can generate new leads for you long after you leave a listing appointment.

A hard copy of your book is a physical reminder of your expertise and lends weight to your position as an authority and guide. Your book is educational and informative, not ‘salesy’ like other marketing material.

Use your printed book credits to print and ship physical copies of your book that will leave a lasting impression. The amount of printed book credits you have depends on which membership plan you choose.

Send a digital copy of your book to anyone with a click of a button.

Every Authorify membership also includes a Digital Flip Book and your own Authority Website. You can send clients to your website, or directly to your Flip Book.

Step 3: Use Your Book

Use Your Book As the Ultimate Lead Generation & Sales Closing Tool

In Person

  • Give your book to past clients and use it to generate repeat business from people who already know and trust you.
  • Turn warm leads into hot leads when you hand clients the book written on their specific situation.
  • Bring your book to listing appointments and see client's eyes light up when they consider you as a trusted authority and not just another real estate agent.

Digital Marketing

  • Use ad platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram to drive traffic to your Authority Website and Digital Flip Book.
  • Use retargeting to direct hyper specific ads to prospects who have visited your Authority Website or are interested in buying or selling their home.
  • Use social media to share your book and position yourself as a subject matter expert.

Offline Advertising

  • Place ads in local real estate magazines and newspapers like Homes and Land Magazine.
  • Mail a postcard promoting your book. Better yet, send your leads the book itself. Unlike other printed marketing material, your book will end up on the coffee table instead of in the trash.
  • Drop off copies of your book at locations relevant to your target market. Targeting divorced home sellers? Leave a copy of your book at your local divorce attorney's office and watch the leads roll in.
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Real Estate Academy

Still not sure how to use your book to drum up leads and close sales? We've got an entire training suite full of over 20 hours of video content to help you grow your business and add to your bottom line. Our training module is packed with tips, guides, courses, templates, workshops, and interviews with other successful realtors.

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