Would You Like My “Instant Trust” FSBO Package That Gets FSBOs To Call You To List Their Home?

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Yes, I Want 10 Free “Instant Trust” FSBO Books

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Here Is Everything You’ll Get With Your 10 Free Books:

  • The FSBO “Instant Trust” Package Templates
  • ​Cutting-edge strategies for winning listings.
  • 10 Personally Branded Books
  • Digital Book
  • The Authorify Book Building App
  • Book Launch Kit
  • Premium Book Website
  • How To Use Your Book Training
  • Personal Marketing Success Coach

Yes, I Want 10 Free Books That Make It Easy To Get Listings!

Please send me 10 Free Books and I’ll cover the $7 shipping.

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Here’s how you can personalize your book...

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Here’s How Other Agents Got 63 Listings Using Their Books:

Ben dominated the FSBOs in his market and got 10 listings because he used the books.

Listing Scorecard:

  • Books Given Away: 80. 
  • Listings earned with the help of the books: 10. 

Biggest benefit of using the books: “It gives me more of that expert look. Anybody that has a book, you just automatically think they're an expert.”

We asked him how many listings the books have helped him get, and he replied, “I would say a very conservative number. Probably 10 (listings).” 

Jesse won 8 listings because of his books!

“One of my customers shared my book with an individual, and next thing you know, I got a text from this guy that has four properties that he’s trying to sell and he wanted to list with me.

He referred another 3 listings to me. I couldn’t have done all that without these amazing real estate books.” 

Debbie got 4 Listings and 3 buyers from giving away her books at Open Houses. 

A family came through my Open House. I gave them one of my books. They are buying a $600,000 home, and I will be listing their home for about $425,000. That all came from giving them my books.

Then, I got a listing for $320,000 from another open house. Next, I met another young couple at an open house. They want to move up. I listed their home and am helping them buy for around $350,000.

In addition, I got more business from Open Houses. One more listing for $275,000 and another buyer who are buying with me because I handed them one of my buyer books.”

Liza got 5 high-end listings using her books.

Listing Scorecard:

  • Books Given Away: 80-100.
  • Listings earned with the help of the books: 5 listings and 1 buyer.

“Here are the transactions I’ve gotten from the books: A $2.8 Million Listing, A $1 Million Sale, a $1.5 Million Listing, a $500,000 Listing, a $900,000 Listing, a listing for $2.5 Million.

The books have gotten me more high-priced listings than lower priced for sure. It seems like they work better on the high-end than the low-end. My sense is that the higher-end client is impressed by the book because they're used to excellence, in their own career, or whatever.”

Paul listed 31 Expireds in 6 months - using his Expired Rocket Book Package.

He used our Expired Training and his book to get Expireds to call him to list. The listings ranged from $160,000 to $450,000. 

Sharon won 5 transactions after giving her books to Divorce Attorneys.

“I partnered with a local divorce attorney to help me get leads. They’re very impressed with my books, so they’re giving me some referrals on their end.

Once I get the leads, I contact the sellers with my usual package, which always includes my real estate books.

So, that’s five transactions from the books right now, with a bunch more to come, I’m sure.”

Just Imagine How You’ll Feel 6 Months From Now... After You Win More Listings... With Your Books!

And despite what you may think, the agents above didn’t have any special advantages!

Here’s How Other Agents Are Growing Their Businesses With Their Books:

Use a book as your Authority Business Card
- like Mr. Wonderful from Shark Tank.
Stand out from the crowd with your book
- like Kyle Whissell does.
Get high-end listings with your book
- like Liza did.

Liza has won many Multi-Million Dollar listings because of her book.

Win competitive listing appointments with your book - like Tim did.

Tim beat out 5 other agents and won the listing because of his book.

Get Listings and build your brand with your book - like Cindy did.

Cindy decided she wanted to become the best-known Realtor in her market, so she started placing her books in waiting rooms in the area and got 5 listings in less than 90 days.

Grow your business by building your listing power with books - like April did.

April struggled and only made $5,000 her first year in real estate. Once she started using the books, her business took off. She made $115,000 the following year and became the “Listing Queen.”

Use the books to beat out top agents for listings - like Yasha did.

Yasha was competing with some top agents for a $579,000 listing, and the book helped her win the listing.

Grow your business by listing expired homes
- like Catalina did.

Catalina used the books to list a $795,000 Expired home and successfully broke into her local Expired market.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Become A Published Authority With Your Very Own Book:

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Book Builder App

Our Book Builder App allows you to easily customize your book. Add your photo, bio, intro, and testimonials to your book to make it your own.

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Authority Website 

Your own piece of digital real estate. A personalized, ready-made website. Use it as a digital business card and to rank for search engines in your market.

Book Launch Kit

Social shares, business card templates, banner ads, and much more. A bundle of marketing templates and resources for promoting your new book.


A library of guides, courses, and other resources. Over 20 hours of content to help you grow your business. An online academy for Realtors.

Digital Flip Book

A digital copy of your book hosted on your authority website. Your flip book is easily shared via e-mail or text for anyone with web access to read.

Marketing Success Coach

Hands-on guidance from an Authorify expert. Whether it's helping you edit your bio, or showing you how to generate leads, your coach has your back.

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Get This Exclusive One-Time Trial Offer!

YES, I’d like to try the Authorify Membership for 30 days! I’ll cover the $7 shipping to receive my 10 books. When I continue past the 30 days, I understand that I will be activating my digital membership for only $97 a month. I understand that I can cancel anytime and keep the 10 free books.

Yes, I Want 10 Free Books That Make It Easy To Get Listings!

Please send me my 10 free books, and I’ll cover the $7 shipping.

Is Authorify Right For You?

Who this IS for:

  • Agents who understand that the right tools will make their jobs easier.
  • Agents who are sick of cold-calling day in and day out and know there is a better way.
  • Agents who want to provide value to people and become the best at what they do.
  • Agents who are prepared to boost their brand recognition and become the go-to agent in their area. 

Who this is NOT for:

  • Agents looking for a Magic Bullet that will solve all their problems.
  • Agents who got into real estate because they didn’t think they had to work.
  • Agents who are unwilling to work hard for their customers.
  • Agents who don’t want to invest the time to become better at what they do.
  • Agents who aren’t willing to give up their old ways and try something new. 
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Claim your 10 free books and Authorify membership trial today, and if for any reason you decide it’s not for you, simply let us know and you can keep your 10 books for free as our way of saying “thank you” for trying us out. This offer is only available to new members and may not be combined with any other offers or discounts. The Authorify Digital Membership automatically renews 30 days after the trial order date at $97 a month. You can cancel your membership at any time by calling (904) 695-9933 or emailing support@authorify.com, or by filling out the Contact Form on this website. All membership orders are final and cannot be canceled after being processed. 

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