Your Very Own Digital Book!

Your book instantly transforms you into a trusted authority so you can easily convert prospects into clients.

I used my books to win 10 divorce listings. In addition, I sold many of the divorcing spouses their next home - which resulted in about 10 buyer sales. The books opened the door and made it easy to win the listings."

Ed in Florida

Ed in Florida

Why Have Your Own Book?

Your Book Instantly Transforms You Into A Trusted Authority.

Publishing a book is a powerful way to stand out from your competition. This enables you to win more business without having to resort to pushy sales tactics and underhanded sales strategies.

Prospective clients will be impressed by the professional design, helpful content, and the fact that you’re a published author. Give your book to buyers and sellers, and they’ll realize that you’re a genuine real estate expert.

Rather than being “just another” real estate agent, you’ll join the ranks of Gary Keller, Ryan Serhant, Josh Altman, and other top agents who used a book to become a trusted authority.

Jim Curry Showing His Digital Book

Use Your Book To Generate Leads.

You can use your book as “bait” to attract people who are thinking of buying or selling a home.

Instead of offering the same thing as every other agent, you can offer something that makes you stand out.

People love these books because they’re full of helpful information, and they’ll enter their information to receive a copy. 

Show People You Can Help Them By Actually Helping Them.

Real estate is complicated and everyone knows it. There are countless pitfalls clients need to avoid.

When you give prospective clients a book, you’re educating them on how everything works.

This creates goodwill and subtly demonstrates your expertise. The readers will want to reciprocate by hiring you to help them sell or buy a home. 

Woman Reading Digital Book
Digital Book and Document on the Table

You Close More Appointments When You Have A Book

Imagine being able to walk into every appointment and “wow” the person right off the bat.

That’s what happens when you give away your book at the beginning of a listing presentation. Sellers will be impressed, and every presentation will start off on the right foot.

As a result, you’ll win more listings and grow your business.

Front Cover

Your picture and name are featured prominently to brand you as a Trusted Authority.

You can choose from dozens of different titles and book layouts. Use the standard picture for the cover, or customize it with a picture of your choice.

(For this book, Jim got his cover photo from Shutterstock.)


Testimonials and reviews are some of the most powerful ways to win clients. After all, a client is more likely to believe a review or testimonial than your own word.

That’s why we allow you to add all of them inside your book. Just type up the text and copy it into the Book Builder App. You can customize this section of the book to your heart’s content.

Book Testimonials

Helpful Content

Helpful, useful content enables the reader to make better decisions during their real estate transaction.

At the same time, the content subtly positions you as an expert and demonstrates your expertise.

Your prospective clients will be impressed and call you!

Back Cover

The back cover displays your name and a brief bio prominently, so prospective clients know why you’re different from all the other agents in your market.

In addition, the back cover tells the reader about the different tips you reveal inside the book and subtly sells them on working with you.

Back Cover of Digital Book
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Agents Everywhere Are Using Books To Transform Themselves And Their Businesses

Ed in Florida

"10 listings plus 10+ buyer sales"

"I used my books to win 10 divorce listings. In addition, I sold many of the divorcing spouses their next home - which resulted in about 10 buyer sales. The books opened the door and made it easy to win the listings."

- Ed in Florida.


"9 Times out of 10, I Get The Listing"

"I am able to get a lot of for sale by owners by using the books. I go and drop off a package with my book. And I can tell you nine times out of ten when they do decide to choose a realtor, it's me."

- Sharon in

Jesse in Illinois

"I got 8 listings from the books because they give you more credibility!"

"I got 8 listings from my different books. One came because a client passed my book to his friend. I got the remaining listings from other seller leads I sent my book to."

- Jesse in Illinois

Jim in Texas

"I wouldn’t have won this listing if I didn’t have my book"

“I met a seller, did my presentation, and they told me they’d decided to hire someone else. Before I left, I gave them my book. A few days later they called back and hired me. After I listed the house for $850,000, I asked why they changed their mind. They told me, ‘None of the other Realtors had a book and that’s why we hired you."

- Jim in Texas

April in Georgia

"I got 10 listings from the books and became the ‘Expired Queen’ of my Office."

"I’ve used the books to boost my Expired Listing efforts. The books have made everything so much easier. I get the book hand delivered or I mail it, and they call me to list. This has enabled me to list 10 Expireds so far and I’m listing more every month."

- April in Georgia

Ed in Connecticut

"I listed 11 Expireds using the books"

"I mail a copy of my book to the Expireds and then review it on the listing appointment. This has enabled me to convert 11 Expireds into listings."

- Ed in Connecticut

Debbie in Indiana

"I got 7 transaction from giving my books away at Open Houses"

"Whenever I host an Open House, I offer visitors my buyer and seller books. So far, I have gotten 4 listings and 3 buyers from this strategy and it’s still bringing in business today."

-  Debbie in Indiana

Cathy in Michigan

"I win more listings with my books!"

"I run Facebook Ads to get seller leads. I found that I get more leads when I offer my book - which lead to listings. Sellers love my book and I get better results when I bring my book to listing presentations. They love the 80/20 story inside the book. The books helped me close 12 transactions over the last 12 months."

- Cathy in Michigan

Cindy in Colorado

"My books brought in 5 listings within 90 days"

“I tried something new and placed my books inside waiting rooms at doctor’s offices and car dealerships. People saw my books and started calling me to list. I got 5 listings within 90 days."

- Cindy in Colorado

Ray in Illinois.

"I got 5 FSBO listings with my books"

“I dropped my book off at a FSBO and told her, ‘I see you're selling your property. I have a book on how to get the most amount of money for your home.’ She called me and I listed her house. I used that same strategy to list 4 other FSBOs."

- Ray in Illinois

Sharon in California

"I used my books to develop relationships with Divorce Attorneys and got 5 referrals"

I gave my book to a local divorce attorney and they were very impressed. They referred me 4 listings and one buyer."

- Sharon in California

Michelle in California

"The book won me the listing within 5 minutes"

"I went on a listing presentation. I didn’t know the client and they were nervous about moving. I gave them my book and the wife immediately said ‘this is our agent. Anybody that knows enough to write a book must be the smartest agent we’ve talked to.’ End of story I got the listing."

-  Michelle in California

Introducing The

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Give your clients something unique that answers their most pressing questions about buying and selling.

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