Change Log

Version 1.10.1

Released – April 22, 2020

NewShipping address entered on order form is now passed to the Book Builder.
NewHigh price versions of our most popular books are now available on-demand.
NewResouces section added to books so that agents can advertise 3rd party services.
ImprovedImproved reliability of save function on drafts, covers, content, and chapters.
ImprovedImproved communication on alert message related to image upload.
FixedFixed issue with book cover elements showing as mis-aligned on previews.
FixedFixed issue with book previews not matching the content entered by the member.
FixedFixed typographical errors on book covers
FixedFixed issue with text overlapping images.
FixedFixed issue with variable data and not being able to pass pre-flight check.
FixedFixed issue with front and back buttons not properly saving data.
FixedFixed issue with auto-save when trying to preview the book.
FixedFixed issue with broker information not saving during publish request.

Version 1.9.0

Released – April 13, 2020

NewBilling address on checkout page is now mapped to the Book Builder app as a default shipping address.
NewAdded 5 new book covers to Seller Book.
ImprovedMatched default book thumbnails and featured covers for all books, and re-ordered covers to show most recent covers first in the list.
ImprovedGuides now unchecked by default in cover page editor.
ImprovedReorganize book catalog drop down menu for easy viewing.
ImprovedAdd monitoring software support and end-to-end testing for improved bug tracking.
ImprovedImproved messaging on shipping address slection screens.
ImprovedRe-indexed thumbnails and manuscripts on previews invoked from book catalog page.
ImprovedRemoved hard-coded URLs to other enviroments for improved stability.
FixedFixed issue with books sections appearing out of order on Manage Section page and drop down menu.
FixedFixed formatting on phone input field for both auto-populated and manually entered data.
FixedFixed bullet points not rendering on book covers.
FixedFixed loader icon positioning error.
FixedFixed user data persisting on local storage after logout.
FixedFixed 3 book covers with errors in the default content.
FixedFixed issue with master login form.
FixedFixed various auto-generate front-end errors.

Version 1.8.0

Released – March 30, 2020

NewReleased (7) new books: Foreclosures, Senior Leads (Downsizing), Broker Book, Investor Book, Property Management Book, and two books for Mortage Lender’s (Agent version & Buyer version).
NewAdded app support for 160 new and improved cover designs across multiple books & versions.
ImprovedGlobal fix for our book’s default size font size on all templates including new books, saved drafts and ready to print drafts.
ImprovedGlobal update to copyright date to reflect year 2020 on disclaimer pages in all new book drafts.

Coming Soon

Road Map – Features in active development

Throughout the month of March we plan to release even more, “new and improved” book cover designs, as well as some new books in real estate related industries. We are also hard at work on an improved set-up and on-boarding experience for new trial members.

Version 1.6.2

Released – March 06, 2020

NewReleased (3) new books: Money Money (Staging Your Home), Commercial Leasing, and Commercial Buyer’s Guide.
NewAdded app support for 55 new and improved cover designs.
ImprovedAdded 10 new and improved covers to Biz Card V1 (US/CAN) books.
ImprovedAdded 10 new and improved covers to Home Buyer’s Guide V1 (US/CAN) books.
ImprovedAdded 5 new and improved covers to Home Buyer’s Guide V1 (US/CAN) books.
Improved Added 5 new and improved covers to FSBO V1 (US/CAN) books
Improved Added 5 new and improved covers to FSBO V2 book.
Improved Added 5 new and improved covers to Expired V1 book.
Improved Added 5 new and improved covers to Expired V2 book.
Improved Added 5 new and improved covers to Divorce book.
Improved Added 5 new and improved covers to the Seller book for digital members.

Version 1.6.0

Released – March 01, 2020

FixedSaving default font-size and font-family configurations in admin book composer.
FixedMade table of contents fluid for margin and padding in layouts configuration
NewCheck out page now allows for digital only, digital + print, and print only orders.
NewGlobal support for Intercom product tour for first-time users.
NewGlobal support for Intercom chat app for all users.
ImprovedAdded support for additional font configurations in admin book composer.
ImprovedUpdated check out workflows for digital only, print + digital, and print only orders.
ImprovedUpdated email communication for users and admins related to digital only orders.