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Here Are 7 Reasons A Seller Guide Campaign Will Get You Listings:

Reason #1: The professionally printed guides show you are a Trustworthy Professional.

Sellers want to work with a professional. You’ll stand out when you show up with a professionally printed, full-color guide.

Our guides are 16 pages long, loaded with helpful content and printed in full color on the front and back covers.

Reason #2: When you focus on “Helping” instead of “Selling,” you get more listings.

We’ve used this strategy ourselves when we ran a real estate team here in Florida. We ran “Helping Hand” Campaigns to FSBOs. 

It brought in listings and became one of our most effective listing strategies. The downside was that we got so many listings, we had to turn it off.

Reason #3: This campaign will build trust automatically — because sellers see your face and name over and over again.

People are more likely to remember things they see and touch, which is why we love mailing them a physical guide they can hold in their hands. 

This campaign will “glue” your face to the kitchen table of every seller who receives it. Because your guide has helpful information, sellers tend to keep them around. 

They’ll leave one guide on their kitchen table. They’ll place another guide on their desk. And a third guide will end up on their nightstand! They’ll see your face over and over again and naturally start to develop familiarity and trust with you. 

Studies show that the more often people see your face, the more likely they are to trust you. It’s called the “Mere Exposure” Effect. (Google it.)

Reason #4: With this campaign, you’ll show up consistently over and over again.

Everyone knows that the agent who follows up wins the listing. We recently did a study that proved this to be true. Our study showed that 45% of all listings required persistent follow up to win. 

Yes, you can win a lot of listings on the first call, but most require persistent follow up. This is especially true with sellers who don’t already know you.

And this has proven to be true for us. About five years ago, we moved our real estate team to a brand-new market. We started doing consistent direct mail listing campaigns. 

We kept sending letters after our competition had given up. Many sellers told us the main reason they chose us was because of our consistent marketing.

Reason #5: We help you target the absolute best leads with no competition.

I don’t mind competition. In fact, our team has listed hundreds of homes in competitive situations. We’ve competed against the best of the best — and won the listing. 

Despite that, I hate competing with other agents for listings. It takes more time. It’s more difficult. When you take listings with no competition, you can skip the big “dog and pony” show listing presentation. 

And they’re more profitable. I’ve spent the last 5 years looking for obscure listing niches that no one else knows about. We’ll show you how to find these overlooked sellers and list them

Reason #6: Direct Mail is the most effective marketing strategy an agent can use.

Here are a few reasons:

  • 81% of people check their mail every day.
  • The average person only receives two pieces of mail each day — compared to 157 emails!
  • People are in a more relaxed, open-minded state when they check their mail. This means they are more open to reading your mail.
  • Even young people read their mail. 36% of people under the age of 30 look forward to checking their mail each day — according to Gallup.
  • Most people keep mail for 17 days after receiving it. So when you mail a seller guide to a seller, you’ll stay “top of mind” with them.

Reason #7: We do all the work for you automatically.

What happens when you get too busy to keep up with your marketing? It stops. (I used to be a Realtor, and that happened to me!) 

So if you want a rock-solid, consistent marketing campaign, then let us do it for you. We have a full-time team that goes to work every day. Their only focus is sending out your marketing for you!

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Here are the 12 Guides we will send
to sellers on your behalf:

This guide asks homeowners to evaluate their current space, their finances, and their readiness to begin the home-selling process. It also gives them a taste of what it’s like to work with you and how much work you’ll take off their hands.

Major renovations rarely have a dollar-for-dollar return. In this guide, you’ll show sellers how simple, affordable fixes can increase a home’s value and why a top-to bottom update isn’t advisable just to sell.

This guide shows home sellers all the benefits of working with an agent to sell their homes. Inside, they’ll learn what to look for in an agent and how the right one (you) can help them sell for more money in less time.

When homeowners begin the selling process, they often have a certain price point in mind. Many insist on pricing too high and aren’t able to sell. This guide shows sellers how crucial it is to price correctly from the start and how you can help them do that.

The right marketing can sell even the most hard-to-sell homes. This guide shows sellers how you’ll market their homes to the right buyers and improve their chances of selling for top dollar in the least amount of time.

There are a lot of things that can prevent a home from selling. This guide shows buyers how you can help them avoid or resolve these issues in their own home sales if they choose to work with you.

The majority of buyers are looking for a visually appealing home. In this guide, you’ll show homeowners how staging and high-quality photography can get more buyers through the front door.

Not everyone who wants to buy a particular home will be qualified to get a loan and actually make the purchase. In this guide, you’ll show sellers how you qualify potential buyers so they don’t waste everyone’s time — and money.

Negotiating is both an art and a science. This guide shows homeowners why it’s crucial to have a top-notch negotiator working for them who can negotiate effectively on their behalf and get them more money.

You and I both know that real estate transactions require a lot of paperwork. This guide gives sellers a general overview of all the paperwork required to complete a sale and shows them why it’s important to have a qualified agent on their side.

A lot must happen before either party in a home sale can successfully get to the closing table. This guide gives homeowners a brief overview of the closing process and shows them everything an agent will prepare and do to ensure they close on their sale.

Throughout the previous guides, there have been references to 5 marketing strategies you, the agent, use to sell homes for more money in less time. In this guide, those strategies are revealed to the homeowner, and you get to sell them on the benefits of working with you.

Here’s Everything We’ll Do For You To Help You Win Listings

Research Every Lead
We research every lead to find additional data you can use to convert them into listings. For example, we check if leads are on the do not call list, see when they last sold, check how much equity they have, and much more.

Track Your Results
We use a special tracking phone number to track your return on investment down to the penny. And just in case you’re wondering, our goal is to 10x your investment.

Send A 12-Step Personalized Mail Campaign For You
We mail your listing leads a Seller Guide regularly. This demonstrates that you’re a professional and shows that you’re the best agent for selling their home.

Check The Listing Status Before Every Mailing
We do this so you do not market to homes that are listed. We check the listing status of every lead before we mail them a guide. If a home is listed by you or someone else, we will end the campaign.

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