Predictably List Expireds

We’ll Generate Listing Appointments For You By Running An
Expired Marketing Campaign On Your Behalf!

We do everything but go on the listing appointment!
Schedule a call to check if leads are still available in your area and learn more.

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Everyone Knows That...

Expireds Are The Best Way To Get Listings

Especially In The Soft High-End Market!

Will You Get Those Listings?

The Market is changing and listings are expiring right and left!

But let’s face it...You’re busy!

And we understand. That’s why…

We’ll Help You List Expireds!

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Here’s Everything We’ll Do FOR YOU
To Help You List Expireds

Pull Your Expired Leads
We use several lead sources to find the best Expired Leads, cross reference them, make sure they haven’t relisted, etc.

Qualify Your Leads
We find all of the Expired Listings in your area and compile the ones that meet your specific criteria, like listing price and search radius.

Research Every Lead
We research every lead to find additional data you can use to convert them into listings. For example, we check if leads are on the do not call list, see when they last sold, check how much equity they have, and much more.

Send An 11-Step Personalized Mail Campaign Over 60 Days
We start by mailing your Expired leads a book that positions you as the expert. Next, we send them up to 10 guides that continue to build your credibility and position you as the best solution for successfully selling their home.

Check The Listing Status Between Every Step
We check the listing status of every lead before we mail them each step in your campaign. If a home is listed by you or someone else, we will end the campaign so we do not solicit homes that are listed.

We Only Work With ONE Agent Per Expired
So Act Fast Before All Of The Leads Are Gone!

Here’s How Your 11-Step Marketing Campaign Works

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The goal of your Expired campaign is to:

  • Make you stand out from the dozens of pushy agents calling Expireds non-stop and claiming to be the perfect agent for selling their house.
  • Help you establish trust and confidence in your abilities by demonstrating that you can sell their home.
  • Help Expireds regain faith in the home selling process and that you have the knowledge and skills required to get their home sold.
  • Position you as the expert authority on selling Expired Listings.
  • And ultimately help you list Expireds.

Spend More Time Doing What You’re Good At (Sales) 
By Having Us Do What We’re Good At (Marketing)


*Actual mailing dates may vary depending on holiday and weekend delivery schedules.

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