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You provide a lead and pick the corresponding campaign speed.

Step 2:
We research the lead and fulfill your campaign.

Step 3:
You take the seller calls and get the listings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Get The Leads For The Listing Campaign?

People who want to sell or who may sell soon are the best leads to add to your listing campaign. That’s why it’s important to qualify the leads you add ahead of time. Some examples of highly qualified leads are:

  • FSBOs
  • Expireds
  • Old expireds or FSBOs who failed to sell their homes.
  • People who have previously expressed interest in selling.
  • People who have responded to a house value offer.
  • Leads you generated from your marketing, events, networking, or referrals.
  • People facing hardship like divorce, foreclosure, etc. 
  • People who have interacted with your website and/or social media? 

You can drastically increase your chances of converting your leads into listings by qualifying them before having us send them your campaign.

What’s Inside The Listing Campaign?

Obviously, there are a number of different types of marketing strategies you could use in your listing campaign. And we’ve tested almost all of them — from cold calls to direct response letters — over the last 14 years. But a recent NAR study found that 31% of sellers cited reputation as the most important factor they considered when choosing an agent. That's why we settled on a guide campaign. 

The guides in your campaign solidify your reputation as an expert. Sellers want to work with someone who knows what they’re talking about, and these guides prove that you do. Plus, according to NAR…

Sellers indicated they needed help with the following tasks the most:

  • Marketing the home to potential buyers (20 percent)
  • Pricing the home competitively (20 percent)
  • Selling the home within a specific timeframe (19 percent)
  • Finding a buyer for the home (14 percent)
  • Fixing up the home to sell better (14 percent)

What does this mean for you? The guides in your listing campaign address every single one of these priorities. You answer their most pressing concerns, without saying a word.

Here’s what the 12 guides in your listing campaign are about…

This guide asks homeowners to evaluate their current space, their finances, and their readiness to begin the home-selling process. It also gives them a taste of what it’s like to work with you and how much work you’ll take off their hands.

Major renovations rarely have a dollar-for-dollar return. In this guide, you’ll show sellers how simple, affordable fixes can increase a home’s value and why a top-to bottom update isn’t advisable just to sell.

This guide shows home sellers all the benefits of working with an agent to sell their homes. Inside, they’ll learn what to look for in an agent and how the right one (you) can help them sell for more money in less time.

When homeowners begin the selling process, they often have a certain price point in mind. Many insist on pricing too high and aren’t able to sell. This guide shows sellers how crucial it is to price correctly from the start and how you can help them do that.

The right marketing can sell even the most hard-to-sell homes. This guide shows sellers how you’ll market their homes to the right buyers and improve their chances of selling for top dollar in the least amount of time.

There are a lot of things that can prevent a home from selling. This guide shows buyers how you can help them avoid or resolve these issues in their own home sales if they choose to work with you.

The majority of buyers are looking for a visually appealing home. In this guide, you’ll show homeowners how staging and high-quality photography can get more buyers through the front door.

Not everyone who wants to buy a particular home will be qualified to get a loan and actually make the purchase. In this guide, you’ll show sellers how you qualify potential buyers so they don’t waste everyone’s time — and money.

Negotiating is both an art and a science. This guide shows homeowners why it’s crucial to have a top-notch negotiator working for them who can negotiate effectively on their behalf and get them more money.

You and I both know that real estate transactions require a lot of paperwork. This guide gives sellers a general overview of all the paperwork required to complete a sale and shows them why it’s important to have a qualified agent on their side.

A lot must happen before either party in a home sale can successfully get to the closing table. This guide gives homeowners a brief overview of the closing process and shows them everything an agent will prepare and do to ensure they close on their sale.

Throughout the previous guides, there have been references to 5 marketing strategies you, the agent, use to sell homes for more money in less time. In this guide, those strategies are revealed to the homeowner, and you get to sell them on the benefits of working with you.

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How Often Are The Guides Sent To My Leads?

Once you select a lead to receive your campaign, they’ll be mailed 12 guides on a schedule based on the speed you assign to them. This allows you to stay in front of each lead who receives your materials for the for an amount of time that makes sense for where they are in their selling journey..

For example, you don’t want to spread your campaign out over a year if it’s a hot lead, but you also don’t want to send a lead who needs to be nurtured over a long period of time all of the guides too close together. This is why selecting the right campaign speed is important.

Here’s a breakdown of the campaign speeds and the corresponding mailing schedule:

Hot Lead / Fast Campaign - 1 guide per week for 3 months
This campaign is for people who have already decided to sell and just need to select the right agent to help them do it. This may include expired listings, FSBOs, or people who are actively trying to sell in the next few months. 

Warm Lead / Average Campaign - 1 guide every other week for 6 months  
This campaign is for people who have expressed interest in selling in the near future or who may have engaged with your website or your social media content. This includes leads that may not be ready to list right away but want to sell soon.

Nurture Campaign - 1 guide per month for 12 months  
This campaign is for people who need to be nurtured over a longer period of time. They may be a lead from your sphere who may be interested in selling in the future. The idea is to stay in front of them over a long period so they think of you if and when they decide to sell.

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Do You Do Anything Other Than Fulfilling The Listing Campaign?

Yes, we do a lot more than mailing the 12 steps in your listing campaign. Below is a list of everything else we do…

  • Address Verification - When you select a new lead to receive your listing campaign, we verify the lead’s address to make sure it’s a correct mailing address so your campaign actually gets delivered.
  • Check the DNC List Status - We will check any phone numbers you provide against the Do Not Call list and let you know when a number is on it. 
  • Make Sure It’s Not Listed - We check every lead against to make sure it’s not currently listed. We do this before mailing every step of your campaign, as well. If the home is listed, we won’t launch your campaign to that lead, and we’ll alert you in your online campaign portal. Plus, we stop the mailings if the lead lists their home at any point during the campaign. 

What Am I Responsible For Vs. Authorify In Regards To Mailing The Listing Campaign?

Good question. Here’s exactly what each of us is responsible for.

YOUR / Agent Responsibilities

  • Deciding which leads will receive your campaign.
  • Pulling the addresses for the leads you want us to send your campaign to.
  • Sending your leads to us, along with the address, and selecting the campaign speed for each specific lead.
  • Answering the calls when someone responds to your campaign.
  • Listing the homes and getting them sold! This is the best part though...
  • Calling the leads in your campaign if you would like to increase your conversion rate even more… and we suggest you do because who doesn’t want more listings, right? We provide the script, coaching, and support to make this happen.

OUR / Authorify Responsibilities

  • Verifying the address you give us for each lead to make sure it’s a deliverable address.
  • Checking the DNC List Status - We will check any phone numbers you provide against the Do Not Call list and let you know when a number is on it.
  • Mailing each step of your campaign to your leads at the speed you select for each one.
  • Checking to see if your leads have listed their homes before we launch the campaign and before each step of the campaign is mailed.

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Do You Have Niche-Specific Campaigns?

Yes, we have niche-specific campaigns for FSBOs and Expired listings. You can learn more about the FSBO one here and the Expired one here. We also recently launched a sphere of influence referral campaign available at Schedule a call now, and we will be happy to go over these options with you.

Can Other Agents In My Area Use This Campaign?

Once a lead is added to your campaign, no one else can claim it. That means you gain the exclusive rights to use your campaign with the leads you select. 

If there is more than one agent in the same area using the same campaign, the first agent to claim a lead is the one who gains exclusive access to it.

What Results Should I Expect From My Campaign?

Your results depend on a number of factors like your individual market, your ability to convert the listing appointment into a listing, what percentage of your listings sell, and much more. It’s impossible for us to know or predict. However, our team can discuss this on your discovery call and help you estimate what you may be able to achieve.

Can I Review The Guides In The Campaign?  

Yes! Schedule a free discovery call, and we will be happy to go through them with you.

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  • Answers to any questions you may have about the campaign, process, and investment.
  • A calculation of your return on investment (ROI) based on the different factors that affect your results, like your leads, your appointment to listing conversion ratio, your average sale price or commission, and much more.
  • And much more!

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