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Senior Leads/Downsizing Book

The benefits of downsizing


The senior market, despite its growing size, is largely ignored by the real estate industry. In fact, 36% of the U.S. population is over 55, and there are about 75 million Baby Boomers about to retire. Post-retirement, many homeowners are looking to downsize — and if they aren’t, you can convince them why they should.

This book shows retired homeowners — and those about to enter retirement — everything they have to look forward to in a smaller home. Whether they choose to downsize to a smaller single family home or to a senior living community, the opportunities (and cost savings) are endless.

Inside, your clients will learn all about:

  • The benefits of downsizing
  • How to picture their futures in a smaller home
  • How to sell their homes for the most money possible
  • Different housing options for their changing needs
  • How to protect themselves from potential real estate scams

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