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Investors Book

Book for Real Estate Investors


There are 7 million people in the United States who consider themselves investors, and with the popularity of home-flipping shows on networks like HGTV, the investing industry is only expected to grow. Real estate investors offer agents a lucrative opportunity to form partnerships and land multiple and consistent deals.

But just like FSBO sellers, many real estate investors feel they have the ability to do it all themselves. But as a wise agent once said, “You can run across the highway ten times and never get hit, but that doesn't mean you're the best at running across the highway.”

Inside this book, real estate investors (and potential real estate investors) will learn:

  • Why investing is a potentially lucrative (but also risky) business
  • How to find (and secure) properties to invest in
  • The different types of investment opportunities (wholesaling vs. rental properties)
  • How to upgrade and stage distressed properties
  • How to prepare and market their homes to get the highest possible price
  • Why partnering with an experienced and trusted agent can benefit their business

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