Oct 5, 2019

Mark Slade is a well-known name in Maplewood New Jersey, where he has been selling real estate for over 11 years.

You’d think an agent with as much experience as Mark would have heard and tried everything under the sun to grow his business. But in 2018, Mark stumbled upon something incredible that took his closing ratio on listing appointments from 45% to 90%.

        "I will tell you that from a year ago until today, the percentage of listings that I now get when I go on these appointments is up to about 90%, when it had been trending at about 45% a year ago." — Mark Slade

Mark Slade

You’re probably wondering, “What could possibly cause such a dramatic increase?”

Mark credits his success to his Authorify Real Estate Book because it helps him stand out from the crowd and seal the deal on his appointments. Since he started giving away his personally branded Authorify Book, his closing ratio has doubled.

"I think the book is an amazing tool to use, to help make sure that an agent stands out from the crowd. Without a doubt, it's basically taking my batting average to a whole new level. The book is what seals the deal."

In the 12 months since Mark started using the books, he added 10 more closings to his bottom line year over year. With an average sale price of $375K, you could say the book has made a big impact on his business.

But Mark isn’t the only agent who has seen such dramatic results. Catalina Schreader of Melbourne, FL, has a similar story.

"I sent my book to this particular client in my local market area, and within a week, he gave me a call saying he wanted to meet me. I asked if he wanted me to bring the listing paperwork, and he said ‘Yeah, go ahead. Bring everything.’ So I met him, he said he loved the book, he read it and he was very impressed, and he wanted to sign on the spot. So I just got the listing right away — a $795k listing."

You might be wondering, "Why does this book have the power to transform these agents’ businesses?"

"It gives me more of that expert look. Anybody that has a book, you just automatically think they're an expert." - Ben, an Authorify Member

You see, when you use a book to represent yourself, people don’t see you as just another agent. They see you as an Authority in your field, just like a doctor or a lawyer.

Being an Authority allows you to close more deals and be treated with a higher level of respect.

Mark and Catalina teamed up with Authorify to Co-Author their books, and now you can, too.

For a limited time, you can get your first 10 books for free when you test drive the Authorify Book Membership for 30 days.

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Here’s what agents like you experienced with their own Branded Real Estate Books:

  • An increased closing ratio on listing appointments…
  • ​Easier price reductions...
  • ​Higher level of respect from clients...
  • More referrals...
  • More listing appointments from their leads…

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How does the book work?

The best way for you to understand exactly how the book works is for me to tell you a story about John the FSBO.

John wants to sell his house, but he thinks the market is good and he’ll be able to sell it by himself without listing with an agent.

So John lists his house for sale, he puts it on Zillow for $389,000 ($15,000 under market value).

John gets hounded by agents who want to “preview the home” and have a million other fake excuses to try and list his house. John gets so annoyed that he simply hangs up the phone the moment he realizes it’s another Realtor on the line.

One day, Betty knocks on his door. She explains to John that she’s an agent and that she’d like to help him sell his house, but not in the way he thinks. She gives John her book titled, “Insider Home Selling Tips,” smiles and walks off.

John is perplexed. He sits down and gives the book a scan. He appreciates the nice ideas and articles about home staging and taking photos at golden hour to get the best results.

John decides to try and sell his home by himself anyways, but because it’s not marketed properly and his pictures are terrible, he doesn’t get many calls.

After 3 months, John gets serious about selling, he’s ready to move across town to be closer to his kids. He decides to stop wasting time and list with an agent.

John remembers how annoying all those agents blowing his phone up were, and he remembers the nice book that Betty left for him.

He doesn’t Google the “top agent.” He walks over to his coffee table and picks up Betty’s book with her charming trustworthy face right across the front. He calls Betty directly, meets with her that afternoon, and she gets the listing.

Seventeen days later, Betty sells John’s home for $410,000 ($21,000 more than he had it listed for) and John is thrilled to pieces.

Because of her book, Betty set herself apart from the crowd and provided value to John. This made John call Betty up and list with her on the spot.

What’s inside your Authorify Real Estate Book

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96 pages of expert home-selling information that shows your prospects you are a knowledgeable authority in real estate. This information covertly highlights the difficulties of selling alone and positions you as the best available option for the homeowner.


5 tested and proven strategies to generate more interest in your clients’ homes — and cause them to sell for more money. We have in-depth case studies that prove these strategies work and demonstrate your home-selling expertise. (If you’ve ever wanted a legitimate "point of difference" from your competition, this is it.)

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The risks that come with hiring an average agent that could cost the home seller tens of thousands of dollars. (This stops sellers from hiring the “entitled” relative that won’t work hard for them.)


Common home-selling mistakes that can destroy their closing price — and in-depth tips on how the seller can avoid making those mistakes on their sale.

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Everyday negotiating mistakes to avoid. (By breaking these down, you’re subtly demonstrating your negotiating expertise so the sellers will want to hire you.)


Why it pays to hire an agent to sell a home, instead of selling it themselves. We have real-life case studies that prove a seller will net more money — even after hiring an agent.

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How to prepare a home for sale so buyers are immediately "Wowed" when they see it, fall in love with the home and forget about negotiating a lower price. (This is the #1 secret to getting top dollar for a home.)


Mistakes to avoid when hiring an agent. (This part gently sells the seller on hiring you and convinces them not to hire the "entitled" relative who won’t work hard for them.) 

Here's What You Get With Your 10 Free Books

Book Builder App
Our Book Builder App allows you to easily customize your book. Add your photo, bio, intro, and testimonials to your book to make it your own.

Authority Website
Your own piece of digital real estate. A personalized, ready-made website. Use it as a digital business card and to rank for search engines in your market.

Book Launch Kit
Social shares, business card templates, banner ads, and much more. A bundle of marketing templates and resources for promoting your new book.

A library of guides, courses, and other resources. Over 20 hours of content to help you grow your business. An online academy for Realtors.

Digital Flip Book
A digital copy of your book hosted on your authority website. Your flip book is easily shared via e-mail or text for anyone with web access to read.

Marketing Success Coach
Hands-on guidance from an Authorify expert. Whether it's helping you edit your bio, or showing you how to generate leads, your coach has your back.

Get This Exclusive One-Time Trial Offer!

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Still “on the fence?” Check out the results these agents got with their books:

Jesse won 8 listings because of his books! 

"One of my customers shared my book with an individual, and next thing you know, I get a text from this guy that has four properties that he’s trying to sell and he wanted to list with me. He referred another 3 listings to me. I couldn’t have done all that without these amazing real estate books."

Debbie got 4 Listings and 3 buyers from giving away her books at Open Houses.

"At one of the open houses, I had a family come through, and I gave them one of my books. They are buying a $600,000 home on August 3rd. And I will be listing their home for probably about $400,000 to $425,000. Basically, that all came from giving them my books at my Open House. 

Then, I got a listing for $320,000 from another open house. Next, I had another young couple come into an open house. They want to move up. They’re looking to buy with me for around $350,000 and listing their house in the mid $200s.

In addition, I’ve been handing out some of my books at other open houses and have one more listing for $275,000. And finally, I have a couple who are moving here. I met them at an open house. They are buying with me because I handed them one of my buyer books."

Liza got 5 high-end listings using her books.

Listing Scorecard.
Books Given Away:
Listings earned with the help of the books: 5 listings and 1 buyer

"An Expired Seller received my book and called me to list their $2.8 Million Dollar House. We talked on the phone and agreed to the terms of the listing. 

Then he said, ‘You've agreed to these things, then you can just bring by the listing agreement. When you show up, we'll sign it.’ So it was really like a meet and greet. It was very simple. That was for a 2.8 million dollar listing, which sold in about 60 days.”

One book netted me three transactions. I have two listings from it and one sale. The owner bought a property from me. She has two homes, two vacant homes, we're working on selling. That market where she lives is a little slow. The one book got me the three transactions. Those transactions were a million-dollar sale, a 1.5 million dollar property, and a $500,000 property.

I'm currently working with somebody, and his house is going to be around $900,000. We're just getting it ready for market. I have another house coming on for about two and a half million from the book.

My sense is that the higher-end client is impressed by the book because they're used to excellence, in their own career, or whatever. I think a book for those people is setting me apart as excellent. That's where the relatable factor is. 

The book has gotten me more high-priced listings than lower-priced for sure. One client said she would have gladly paid for the book. She couldn’t believe I was giving it away for free."

Sharon won 5 transactions after giving her books to Divorce Attorneys.

“I partnered with a local divorce attorney to help me get leads. They’re very impressed with my business based around the books, so they’re giving me some referrals on their end.

Once I get the leads, I contact the sellers with my usual package, which always includes my real estate books. And right now I have, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven — seven listings on my board, and three are directly from the books. So that’s pretty good.

That’s pretty good ratios.

One property right now, which I got from the divorce attorney, is a pretty cool listing because it’s not only just one listing; it’s two listings and a purchase.

So that’s five transactions from the books right now, with a bunch more previously and more to come, I’m sure.”

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