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Our Story

As a real estate professional and a business owner, our founder Calvin Curry, explains why marketing can make all the difference.

Our Goal

About Authorify

Authorify gives sales professionals and business owners a special edge and positions them as experts in a sea of competition. The goal of Authorify is to establish you as the trusted authority in your local market.

The Authorify project began in 2017 as an innovative offshoot of Book Leads by Smart Agents. Founded in 2009, Smart Agents helps real estate agents nationwide optimize their marketing strategies through training and products, including custom books. Because the Smart Agents books consistently proved to get the best results for our clients, we determined that a custom book product could work for almost any industry.

What does having a book through Authorify do for a business owner? It proves to customers that they are working with a trusted authority. Our goal is to make it simple to get your name in print.

The Authorify Book Builder software was created with you in mind. Its user-friendly platform means that no coding or design skills are required to create your own book. And our team of marketing experts ensure you’ll learn to use your books for optimal success. Authorify is the smart business owner’s secret weapon for standing out from the competition and successfully building a brand. To see our Authorify books in action, go to the How It Works page.

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