Foreclosures Book

A study by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation found that 1 out of every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon. But often, homeowners facing foreclosure feel very much alone. With this book, you can show them they have options and that they don’t have to brave the waters of foreclosure by themselves. If you approach people in pre-foreclosure early enough in the process, you have a real opportunity to sell their homes before the bank seizes them and potentially even help them land a profit.

Inside this book, homeowners will learn:

  • About the foreclosure process
  • What causes people to go into foreclosure
  • Options (other than selling) to avoid foreclosure
  • How to sell their homes to avoid foreclosure
  • The ins and outs of short sales and when they’re necessary
  • How to find their next home
  • Tips for improving their financial outlook for the future